Designed with the task of fixing the subperiosteal implants, are equipped with a cross-connection on the head, which creates an optimal anchorage with the tightening tools.

The head design allows the implant insertion preserve even in cases of off-axis positioning.

The coil’s micro-morphology allows jawbone and mandibular stable positioning.

Color-coding allows easily identifying the diameter: yellow 2.0 mm, green 2.3 mm.

Made of titanium grade 5, provide the requirements of biocompatibility and mechanical strength.


The simple method to remove an integrated dental implant.

This tool allows no drilling implant removal, leaving the implant site ready for new insertions.

It engages the implant connection, acting counterclockwise, with the necessary torque to unscrew.


Compatible with 4.0mm square side ratchets, made of surgical steel equipped with DLC coating, aging, and hardening treatment, autoclave sterilizable, available in short and long versions.

Implant Remover IR is compatible with different implant systems, the internal thread engages in the implant connection.


The protection from the biological aerosol

Airbuckler® reduces the biological aerosol spread, produced during armchair activity, reducing the dangerous critical agents amount, released into the environment during treatment.

This device acts as a mouth opener connected to the instruments and intercepts the aerosol emitted, its design contributes to obtaining an excellent aspiration capacity.

  • User friend

  • Sterilisable

  • Made of recyclable material

  • Available in two sizes (morphology adaptable).

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Theoretical-practical sessions through which it is possible to approach new technologies and prosthetically guided digital implantology, sharing experiences, and case studies, analyzing every aspect of processes and protocols, from the design to the case conclusion.


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